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Special Constabulary Transferees

Avon and Somerset Constabulary will consider transfer requests from Special Constables from home office and non-home office police forces.

About you

If you are moving/have moved to our area and you are performing 16 hours per month or more as a Special in your current force, then we are interested in hearing from you. You must be able to continue this commitment and deliver our force values in everything you do:

  • Public First
  • To be professional, friendly and interested
  • Today's Business Today
  • Quality Counts


Current Force guidance recommends that Specials live within a 15 mile radius of their station of posting.

Postings are decided on the basis of our Force need for personnel at particular locations. Individual preferences will be noted and attempts made to accommodate, depending on the Force's need at the time.

Application process

Initial contact to request an application should be made to us via your ‘Force Transfer Co-ordinator’ or ‘Special Constabulary Co-ordinator’. The transfer process is very similar to our standard recruitment process for Special Constables without the selection part of the process and includes:

  • Meet eligibility guidance
  • Pass a fitness test
  • Pass a medical
  • Provides biometrics
  • Pass drugs testing
  • Pass vetting

Training will be assessed on an individual basis and level of training received will depend on previous training, receipt of training records from your current force and your current level of competence.

Useful contacts

All transfer requests should be made via your home force transfer co-ordinator or Special Constabulary co-ordinator and should be referred to:

Special Constabulary Co-ordinator
Local Policing Directorate
Avon and Somerset Constabulary
PO Box 37
Valley Road
BS20 8QJ