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What You Need to Know

Have you got what it takes to become a Special Constable in the twenty-first century? 

Find out more about becoming a Special Constable by reading our guide below.


18 years and over.


To become a Special Constable you must be a British citizen, citizen of the Irish Republic, Citizen of the European Economic Area (EEA) , a Commonwealth citizen or other foreign national whose stay in the UK is unrestricted.

Residency requirements

Applications will be considered from applicants living both inside and outside of the Constabulary area. In addition to the normal selection process candidates will be assessed on their ability to commit to and perform the role of Special Constable within Avon and Somerset Constabulary

Also, vetting is part of the application process and for meaningful vetting enquiries to take place an applicant is required to have been resident in the United Kingdom for the last three years.

Medical and physical assessment

Special Constables on occasions encounter stressful situations, trauma and physical confrontation. They need to be resilient enough to cope with the demands and pressures of police work. Applicants must therefore be in good health mentally and physically to undertake police duties. Appointment is subject to satisfactory medical clearance by the force medical officer. You will be required to complete medical history documentation and you may be asked to undertake other medical tests, like hearing and lung function. You will also be required to undertake a fitness test as part of the recruitment process which consists of:

  • Endurance Fitness (Multi-stage shuttle run): 4 shuttles at level 5 (5/4)


We welcome applications from people with disabilities and will do all we can to make reasonable adjustments, which will allow disabled applicants to undertake this role.

Please let us know if you have a disability and the type of adjustment which you might need to enable you to apply for and do the job.


There are minimum vision standards which must be met.

Criminal record

A court conviction or finding of guilt as a juvenile does not automatically bar you from becoming a police officer. However, such convictions or findings must be declared on your application form as the post of police officer is exempt from the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act.

Ineligible occupations

Employment in certain areas (like the armed forces, fire service and security industry) is incompatible with the office of constable. You will need to declare your occupation on the eligibility screen and you will be contacted if there are any issues.

Equal opportunities

We want our organisation to be more like the communities we serve. We aim to demonstrate our objectives and priorities for diversity and equality within the Force. For more information please see the following information; equal opportunities statement

Positive action

We particularly welcome applications from under-represented groups including those who are transgender, gay, lesbian, female or from an ethnic minority group.

Working hours

Your duty times will be agreed locally to accommodate your own availability.

We are looking for a commitment from you to perform a minimum monthly average of 16 hours' duty, spread evenly throughout the year, exclusive of your training.

Personal life

You must adhere to the constabulary's code of ethics and you must be prepared to avoid any conduct likely to bring the Constabulary into disrepute and to limit personal activities, for example, not taking an active role in politics.