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What we offer

As a Special you will face exciting challenges, build your self-confidence and acquire valuable skills, including first aid training, that will assist in your personal and wider career development.

All recruits are fully trained and with the right experience, skills and proven ability, you can be promoted and take on more responsibility. 

You may also have the opportunity of training to join specialist teams.

As a Special:

  • you can take pride in your achievements and the role will help you discover personal strengths you never knew you had
  • you will get to see the real impact of crime on people’s lives and be in an extremely privileged position to be able to make a difference
  • you will be provided with uniform and equipment and you will also be able to claim your out of pocket expenses
  • support and advice through our occupational health and other associations are available
  • other benefits include emergency service discounts and access to sports and social facilities and activities

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