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Why Join?

Who best to tell you what it's like to be a Special Constable than Avon and Somerset officers themselves?

Find out about why these Special Constables joined the force and about their day-to-day roles

‘Andrew’ - a meter reader and Special Chief Inspector

I had previously served 25 years in the Army and wanted to continue with a challenging and rewarding occupation. I believe strongly in each of us doing what we can to contribute to our community and I felt that my experience of working in a dynamic and professional environment would be ideally suited to being a Special Constable.

I get to do many of the things a regular officer does but I have the most flexible hours you can imagine, because as long as I get my 16 hours a month in I can decide when and where I do them and I can attend for extra duties as and when I have free time available. I don’t get paid as a Special but my day job takes care of the bills and being a Special gives me something exciting, varied and worthwhile to look forward to when office life is getting a little hum drum.

‘Ruby’ – a home ownership officer and Special Constable

I have always been interested in joining the police and it was mentioned to me by a friend. It was something I was really keen to do. I wanted to join to gain life experience, more confidence and improve my employability.

There has not been one specific event that has been a highlight of being a Special but the general feel that you are helping others and minimising crime is good. I feel really confident now and that makes me realise how far I have come which is a great sense of achievement.

‘Simon’ – a Communication Supervisor and Special Constable

I joined to see if Policing was the career I wanted and have now completed 22 years’ service.

The best thing about being a Special Constable is meeting lots of different people and helping them, the feeling of satisfaction.

No two days are ever the same! The variety and experience is un-measurable.

‘Roly’ – a programme and capability manager and Special Sergeant

I wanted to join the Special Constabulary because I love being a member of a professional team and love interacting with people.

I have learnt to always expect the unexpected, no shift is ever the same, there is no template for a typical shift, rest assured that when you finish it, you will have experienced something new.

If you are thinking about joining the Special Constabulary - do it, there are so many reasons why serving as a SC can enhance your personal and future life.

‘Alexander’ – an LGV driver and Special Constable

I have always wanted to be a Police Officer for as long I can remember. It is my hope that I can help bring to the fore how the community feels about the issues affecting them and by working in partnership with regular officers we can help reduce crime and the fear of crime.

The best thing about being a Special Constable, is knowing that the Special Constabulary is making a positive contribution in the link between the Police Service and the Communities it serves, breaking down barriers of misconceptions about the Police Service.

Three highlights serving as a Special Constable have been; giving my Oath of Allegiance to the Queen, gaining my first arrests, and being part of 42 Commandos final homecoming event in Taunton where the Special Constabulary played a huge part in partnership with our regular colleagues.