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999 and 101 Call Statistics Since 2013

Date of request: December 6, 2018
Posted in: Calls to the police
Reference: 1575/18


  1. Please state the total number of calls received each calendar year (monthly if available) separately on 999, 101 and online.
  2. Please state the total number of abandoned calls each year (monthly), separately for 999 and 101. If no calls have been abandoned, please explain why.
  3. Please provide the target times to answer 999 and 101 calls if they exist.
  4. Please provide the median and the mean time in minutes and seconds that callers had to wait on the line before connecting to an operator each year (monthly), separately for 999 and 101. If it is more convenient to provide total waiting times instead, please do so.
  5. Please provide the longest waiting time to speak to an operator for 999 and 101 each year (monthly).

Could you please provide the data in electronic format – Excel or CVS would be good. Please note that according to the ICO guidelines, simple manual compilation of information held by a public body, such as using a simple Excel calculation to extract average figures, is not considered the creation of new information and therefore you should be able to provide the data wherever available. If retrieving the information would require manual compilation triggering section 12, I am happy to receive a raw dataset with a large number of rows to calculate the summaries myself, as long as the columns with the personally identifiable information are removed.

Here is a template with table example columns headers for your convenience:

Month-Year Total 999 reports Abandoned 999 calls Median 999
wait time
Median 999
wait time
wait time
Total 101 reports ……

Clarification received 11th December 2018:

I know that some forces such as Met ask people to submit non-urgent crime reports via online forms – that’s what I meant but only if you have this service, otherwise please ignore this part of the question.


With reference to 101 and 999 calls, the database which monitors calls only holds a rolling two years of data. Data prior to this has been provided as it was retrieved for previous requests. Wait times are therefore no longer held. Please see the available information attached. With reference to online reporting, the number of crimes and incidents recorded with the initial source recorded as ‘online reporting’ is also attached. Information is available from January 2013. Please note that December 2018 is not a full month’s data.

The target times are as follows:

999 – National target of 90% to be answered within 10 seconds

101 – No national target but aspiration within A&S for abandoned rate of 5% or less and we use a threshold of 60 seconds to measure this.

With reference to abandoned calls, the number provided is the overall total and includes those that were abandoned under our threshold answer times for 999 calls (10 seconds) and 101 calls (60 seconds) and will not accurately reflect our performance as there are often occasions where multiple people at a scene call the police and abandon the call once they know someone else is calling.

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