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Irregularity in Evidence / Perjury Complaints Received Since 2011

Date of request: February 14, 2019
Reference: 236/19


Conducting a search of all complaints, classed under Type G (irregularity in evidence / perjury), made between 1 January 2011 and 1 January 2019;

a. How many were made?

b. How many resulted in Management Action?

c. How many were sent for a Charging Decision?

d. How many resulted in Criminal Charges?


a. 197 complaints

b. Out of 197 complaints a total of 14 officers received Management Action

c. Information concerning charging decisions would be recorded on our crime recording system. We would be required to review all of the above mentioned complaint files to locate any which resulted in a crime being recorded. The corresponding crime record would then need to be reviewed to extract the number where charging advice was sought. With 197 complaint files to review and at a conservative estimate of 20 minutes per file it would take over 65 hours to comply, this would not include the time to review the crime record.

d. We are able to retrieve the number of officers who have faced criminal charges but to ascertain whether this was as a result of any of the above complaints we would be required to review all individual complaint files again to locate any that resulted in criminal charges. As above it would take considerably longer than 18 hours to comply.

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