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Police Officer Convictions Between 2014-2018

Date of request: December 4, 2018
Reference: 1562/18


Please could you provide the figures below for each of the years 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018.

The figures I would like are as follows:

– I want the number of policemen and women on your force to have been found guilty of breaking the law while on or off duty.

– I also want a breakdown of what these crimes were.

– I want the number of policemen and women on your force to have been suspended or lost their jobs due to any form of police corruption.

Please provide these figures separately for each year (not all together as one total).

Clarification received:

I would define corruption as an action or omission, a promise of action or omission, or an attempted action or omission, committed by a police officer or a group of police officers, characterised by the police officer’s misuse of the official position, motivated in significant part by the achievement of personal gain.

Examples of which might include

– When an officer receives some form of material gain by virtue of their position as a police officer without violating the law per se (e.g. free drinks, meals, services); misuse of professional perquisites (credit cards etc)

– Receipt of goods, services or money for referring business to particular individuals

– Stealing from arrestees (sometimes referred to as ‘rolling’), from traffic accident victims, crime victims and the bodies or property of dead citizens.

– Acceptance of a bribe for not following through a criminal violation, i.e. not making an arrest, filing a complaint or impounding property.

– Police protection of those engaged in illegal activities (prostitution, drugs, pornography) enabling the business to continue operating.

– Undermining criminal investigations or proceedings, the ‘loss’ of traffic tickets, etc.

– A police officer commits a crime against person or property for personal gain ‘in clear violation of both departmental and criminal norms’.

– Prerogatives available to police officers (holidays, shift allocations, promotion) are bought, bartered and sold.

– Planting of, or adding to, evidence (argued by Punch to be particularly evident in drugs cases).

– Activities ranging from offering advance warning of police activities to criminals through to the inappropriate release of information to the media


Since 2014, 10 police officers have been convicted of criminal offences as detailed below. This figure does not include special constables.

Officer Year of conviction Conviction details
1 2014 Section 444(1A) of the Education Act 1996.
2 2015 Careless Driving (Driving without due care and attention)
Road Traffic Act 1998
3 2015 Section 39 Assault
4 2015 Assault Actual Bodily Harm
5 2015 Fraud
6 2015 Misconduct in Public Office
7 2016 Section 1 Computer Misuse Act 1990
8 2016 Harassment – Contrary to Section 2 of the Harassment Act 1997
9 2016 Driving or attempting to drive with alcohol level above limit. Road Traffic Act 1988
10 2018 Section 1 Computer Misuse Act 1990

Of the above, seven officers have been dismissed. Officers 1, 2 and 3 remain employed, the circumstance of each case is considered on an individual basis and in the remaining cases, a decision was made that the conviction did not compromise the individuals’ roles as police officers.

Since 2014, 10 police officers have been suspended or are currently suspended and/or have been dismissed due to police corruption.

Please see a yearly breakdown below:

Year of Suspension Still suspended Year of Dismissal
2017 No N/A
2017 No 2017
2017 No Still Employed
2017 Yes Still Employed
2018 Yes Still Employed
2018 No Still Employed
2018 Yes Still Employed
2018 Yes Still Employed
2018 Yes Still Employed
N/A N/A 2018

Please note decisions regarding suspensions are made on a case by case basis; it may be that Officers are placed on restricted duties whilst under investigation.

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