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Crime statistics at schools

Date of request: 14 August 2023
Reference: 980-23


Please can you provide me with crime statistics for the last 5 years for schools in your force area.


I am specifically looking for offences 3B, 11A, 5E, 5D, 8N, 105A – burglary (34A, 34B, 30C), vehicle offences (37/2, 45, 48, 126), theft (39, 44, 41, 49, 33), All arson and criminal damage (56A- 59), Public Order offences (9A, 9B, 62A, 66), possession of weapons.


Schools list provided of addresses and postcodes.


Please find attached our Excel workbook containing data we have identified for the time period specified in your request.


We have identified the data provided by conducting a search on the postcodes provided. As the postcode can include other properties, the search has been restricted to schools and academies.

On the first tab the data has been broken down by offence and by Local Authority area.

On the second tab the data has been broken down by school.


The detail collected to respond specifically to your request is subject to the inaccuracies inherent in any large scale recording system. You may notice a slight discrepancy with the figures, this is linked to issues in how some locations/addresses are captured within a Local Authority.


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