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‘Drink Spiking’ incidents 2016-2021

Date of request: April 22, 2021
Reference: 554/21


  • I would like to know the number of drink-spiking incidents reported every year for the last 5 available years (if you have provisional numbers for 2021, please include them too and state which period they cover). As well as the number of incidents,


  • I would like any information available about the victim and the perpetrator (e.g. sex, age, etc.)


  • as well as the location of the crime (e.g. street name, postcode, or name of the bar/pub where the incident happened). 


  • Finally, I would like to know the percentage of drink-spiking incidents reported for which a suspect was (1) arrested, (2) charged, (3) tried in court, (4) convicted. For convictions, I would like to know the nature and length of the sentence.



Please find attached the information we have identified as relevant to your request for the years 2016 up to and including those recorded as of the date of your request (22/04/21).

Please be aware that the information collected for this request was identified using a key text search of the Modus Operandi (MO). Please note, key word searches are problematic as they do not in any way provide an accurate response. If the key words have not been mentioned, the data will not be collected. Vice versa, if the key words have been mentioned in an unrelated context, irrelevant data will be collected.

Of those individuals identified and arrested, 10 cases went to court however none of those cases related to ‘drink spiking’ incidents.

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