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Road Traffic Collisions on Smart Motorways 2014-2021

Date of request: January 19, 2021
Reference: 083/21


1: What are the stretches of Smart Motorway in your force area and when did they open?

2: How many RTCs have occurred on those specific stretches of motorway annually (up to the most recent 12 months) since they became Smart Motorway?

3: Could you provide a figure for the number of those collisions where there were persons killed or seriously injured?

4: In terms of the fatal RTCs, please can you provide the date and location of incident and the name of the deceased (this should be public information as information will be in the public domain due to inquests being opened. Where you cannot provide a name, the location and date will enable me to ask the relevant coroner).


The smart motorway sections within the Avon & Somerset force area are on the M4 (junctions 19 to 20) and M5 (junctions 15 to 17). Both of these came into effect in 2014.

Please find below a count of all RTCs reported to the police since 2014, however please be aware that should an accident have occurred just outside of the ‘smart motorways’ section, for example closer to J19 on the M4 than J18, they may also be included in the figures provided below.

Year Total RTCs recorded
2014 53
2015 78
2016 38
2017 38
2018 56
2019 51
2020 13
2021 0

Please find below the number of serious accidents that have occurred on the ‘smart motorway’ section since 2014. No fatal RTCs have been recorded as having occurred on the ‘smart motorway’ sections on both the M5 and M4 between 2014 and 2021.

Year Serious RTCs recorded
2014 0
2015 0
2016 3
2017 0
2018 0
2019 0
2020 2
2021 0
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