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Registering as a Sex Offender

Who needs to register

If a person is convicted or cautioned in relation to a specific sexual offence, or has committed a sexual offence but has been found not guilty due to insanity or disability, they will become a subject of the Sex Offenders Register.

Details required at registration

A person who has become a subject of the Sex Offenders Register is required by law to notify the police of the following details:

  • current name/ aliases being used
  • date of birth
  • home address - their main residence or any premises in the UK where they can be regularly found
  • details of any residence with a child

This notification should be made within three days of the caution, conviction or finding, or within three days of their release from custody or any other form of detention.

Making a notification

Registered sex offenders must notify the police:

  • of any change to the name and address already registered, within three days of the change
  • of any address where they reside or stay for seven days or longer
  • of any intended foreign travel no less than seven days prior to departure
  • if they have remained for at least 12 hours at a household or other private place where an under 18 year old stays
  • of their release from detention in a prison, service detention or a hospital

To make a notification as a registered sex offender, you must visit a prescribed police station.

Each time a notification is made, the registered sex offender must provide passport, credit card and bank account details as well as their national insurance number.

Annual notification

At least once every 12 months, sex offenders must confirm their notified details are correct.

The period of 12 months begins immediately following the last notification to the police.

If a person is outside the UK, in prison, or detained in a hospital on that date, they must confirm their details within three days of their return/release.