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Abnormal Loads

Abnormal loads are loads that are over 2.9m wide, or over 18.65m long, or over 44 tonnes in weight, or a combination of more than one of these criteria.

Abnormal loads that are under 2.9m wide or under 18.65m long, but between 44 tonnes and 80 tonnes in weight do not need to be notified to the police forces on the route but must be notified to all the Local and Bridge Authorities, giving at least five clear days notice.

The abnormal loads officer, located at police headquarters, will use nationally agreed criteria and local knowledge to decide if the load needs to be escorted on all or part of the route.

If it is decided that the load requires an escort, to ensure the safety of other road users and the driver of the load, it is the responsibility of the vehicle operator to provide an escort as the police no longer routinely escort abnormal loads.

The role of the escort is to ensure the safety of all road users.

Please note: The operators of the vehicle are required to give at least two days written notice of their intention to move the load and the notice must include details of the operator and their contact numbers, load dimensions, the route to be taken and the dates of the move.

Useful contacts

Abnormal Loads Officer

01275 816885 (7am-3pm, Monday-Friday)