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Apply for access to your personal data

If you think Avon and Somerset Police holds information about you, you have the right to find out if your personal data is being processed and request access to that data.

Your request may be refused if the information:

  • identifies someone else
  • is held in relation to an ongoing investigation and the provision of that information would be likely to prejudice any of the following law enforcement purposes:
    • the apprehension or prosecution of offenders
    • execution of criminal penalties including the safeguarding against and prevention of threats to public security
    • the prevention or detection of crime

We will only provide information if we are satisfied with your identity.

This form takes about 10 minutes to complete.

Start now

To fill in this form

You will need to upload two photos or scanned images of official documents which between them show your:

  • name
  • current postal address
  • date of birth
  • signature

For example:

  • birth certificate
  • driving licence
  • passport
  • bank statement
  • utility bill

If you have changed your name, you will also need to upload the relevant documents to evidence the change, for example:

  • marriage certificate
  • decree absolute

If you are requesting information relating to another individual, you will need to upload the relevant legal document, for example:

  • power of attorney document
  • proof of parental responsibility
  • signed letter of consent
Guidance completing this form

For guidance in completing this form, email or telephone 01278 646858.