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Police and partners crackdown on anti-social behaviour in Glastonbury

Police and council tackle anti-social behaviour in Glastonbury

A crackdown on anti-social related behaviour in Glastonbury is beginning to reap its rewards for the local community.

Days of action and enforcement, combined with youth engagement and community beat surgeries have helped to tackle anti-social behaviour problems.

The positive action by the police and town council in Glastonbury to tackle concerns raised by the public, has resulted in a Criminal Behaviour Order being issued against a persistent troublemaker; five being charged with affray; dispersal notices issued; and a wanted offender being arrested and returned to prison.

Neighbourhood police team inspector Mark Nicholson said: “Working with our partners, we have been listening and responding positively to the concerns of people who live and work in Glastonbury.

“However we will not rest on our laurels, recognising there is still more work to do. We are committed to cleaning up the streets in the town, making it more attractive and enjoyable for those who live and visit the area by tackling head-on, the problems associated with anti-social behaviour.

“We cannot do this alone and we value the support and help provided by the local community, who are, very much our eyes and ears. We would like them to continue reporting areas of concern so that we can react positively,” said Insp Nicholson.

South Somerset Magistrates Court in Yeovil issued a criminal behaviour order on an individual, who was a well-known street drinker and had been responsible for an 18-month spell of anti-social behaviour in the town. This followed joint work by the police and Glastonbury Town Council.

Shortly after the court issued the CBO the individual was reported to be in the Tesco store in town and Wirral Park – two areas he was not allowed to enter.

The man in his 30s was subsequently arrested and charged with being in possession of a controlled drug.

He appears at South Somerset Magistrates Court on 5 February.

In addition to helping to obtain the criminal behaviour order, the police have charged five people with affray. This resulted from an investigation into an incident in the summer, which involved a number of street drinkers.

Officers served a section 35 dispersal notice on a man after a number of complaints were received about anti-social behaviour. He breached the order, was arrested and recalled to prison.

Working with local housing association Liverty, a problem tenant, who was also responsible for anti-social behaviour, was evicted and has moved out of the area.

After the release of a prolific offender from prison, a breach of the licence occurred and the offender was detained and returned to prison. A number of stolen items were seized, which were returned to local shops.

Insp Nicholson said: “We will continue with our days of action and enforcement; holding beat surgeries for local people to discuss their concerns; as well as youth engagement as part of our work to tackle anti-social behaviour-related issues in Glastonbury.”