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Update on Speedwell fire investigation

Police cordon

Investigations by fire and police officers into the cause of the blaze at the Strachan and Henshaw site in Speedwell will be ongoing for the next two days.

We will be examining the scene for evidence and we are also following a number of other lines of enquiry as part of our investigation.

Road closures remain along Foundry Lane up to Oak Lane. Also Deep Pit Road between Foundry Lane and Whitewood Road is still closed.

We are working with our partners at Bristol City Council, and the site owner, to seek to open these roads but due to safety reasons, these closures are likely to remain for some time.

The site itself remains extremely hazardous  and is still inaccessible to the public and owners of all business located within the site.

Owners of businesses off-site but nearby, with the exception of one, now have access.

On-site businesses will not be accessible for the foreseeable future as the site is not safe. Responsibility for the site going forward will be with the owner once the police and fire investigation at the scene is concluded.

The site owner, working with the council is working to safely secure the perimeter of the site.