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Coronavirus (COVID-19): the policing response and what you need to know

Patrols target anti-social drivers in Yate

Over the summer the Yate neighbourhood policing team, supported by road policing colleagues, have been targeting speeding and anti-social vehicle use on the town’s roads.

As well as speeding, residents have complained of noisy exhausts and other anti-social vehicle use during the evenings.

While neighbourhood officers have been patrolling to educate and warn drivers about their behaviour, the mobile speed camera has also been deployed. Within a 90-minute period on just one day the speed enforcement unit detected 31 offences on Scott Way alone.

Road policing officers have also been patrolling the town and have reported dealing with up to six drivers for offences in one patrol.

Neighbourhood Sergeant Terry Murphy said: “We’ve heard from residents how speeding drivers in noisy cars affect their quality of life. It’s just not on. This isn’t about penalising drivers, but making our roads safer and tackling a problem which is having an unacceptable impact on our community.

“Our message to drivers is to slow down and drive responsibly. As well as facing fines and points for speeding and other traffic offences, a driver who ignores a warning over anti-social vehicle use could have their car seized.

“People can be reassured that we’re taking this issue seriously. We’re also liaising with the council and the community to identify other ways of solving the problem, such as physical traffic calming measures.”