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Prolific shoplifter in Yeovil jailed and given Criminal Behaviour Order

A prolific shoplifter has been banned from entering multiple stores in Yeovil after being given a two-year Criminal Behaviour Order (CBO).

Liam Allen, 35, currently of no fixed abode, appeared at Taunton Crown Court on Thursday (June 27), where he was given a one-year prison sentence after admitting 10 counts of theft between December 2023 and March 2024.​

Following this the court also granted the order which prohibits Liam Allen from entering the following stores in Yeovil – Tesco Express, Tesco Extra, Boots, WH Smith, Superdrug and Co-Op. He is also prohibited from entering any stores in which he has received a written exclusion.​

In addition, the order states when he goes into any other store not named in the order, he must place all items in a basket or trolley until they are paid for.​

If found guilty of a breach of CBO the court could impose a maximum sentence of up to five years’ imprisonment.​

Julie Crockett, Anti-Social Behaviour Co-ordinator, said: “The offences committed by Liam Allen have had a significant impact on shop workers, business owners and the general public in Yeovil, and we hope the conditions of the order will dissuade him from continuing this repeated offending and associated anti-social behaviour.​

“We’re working closely with businesses and retailers across the Avon and Somerset area to identify and tackle prolific offending as we’re aware the rising levels of retail crime are of real concern in our communities.”