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Operation to facilitate Bristol protests goes smoothly

Added on 10 September 2017 at 18:12

We'd like to thank members of the public in Bristol city centre today for their patience and understanding while we facilitated a number of protests.

A large intelligence-led operation was mounted to facilitate the events, with the underlying aim to ensure those working, living and visiting Bristol remained safe.

The operation involved 250 officers and staff including neighbourhood officers, specialist public order-trained officers, mounted colleagues and dog handlers.

Chief Inspector Andy Williams said: “Overall the operation went well with the vast majority of those involved behaving and following our request for peaceful demonstrations.

“Unfortunately there were a small number of counter protestors who deviated from their pre-agreed route and who became disruptive.

“This led to a small amount of anti-social behaviour in the Old Market area which caused some congestion on surrounding roads while officers dealt with the situation.

“We’d particularly like to thank those motorists who were affected by this and apologise to them for any inconvenience.

“A total of five arrests were made during the day, four for assaulting police officers and one for obstructing them in their duties.

“Violence and disorder will not be tolerated and we, as the public would expect, have been robust in tackling with those who have engaged in this behaviour.”

Amjid Ali, chair of the Bristol Independent Advisory Group, said: “The way in which the local neighbourhood policing team have conducted this operation has been a great example of partnership working.

“It is much appreciated by all the diverse communities of Bristol. Well done to all those involved in keeping everyone safe.”

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