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Celebrating diversity - our hate crime awareness campaign

As part of our Hate Crime Awareness campaign this week we are focusing on racial and religious hate crime. In Avon and Somerset 79.6% of recorded hate crimes in 2014/15 were racial.

What is racial/ religious hate crime?

A hate crime is any criminal offence that is motivated by a prejudice or hate. Racial hate crime can be anything which focuses on the victim’s race, skin colour, ethnic origin or nationality. Religious hate crime is a crime against someone for their religion or belief, or their lack of religious belief.

The University of Leicester has created a film about the harms of hate, offering a victims viewpoint of how hate crime can affect you.

How to report a hate crime or where to get advice

The aim of the campaign is to help encourage victims and witnesses of hate incidents - whether it is verbal, physical or on social media - to report it to the police or other relevant organisations. Improved recording of these crimes will enable a better understanding and help identify and improve services for victims in communities where hate crimes are evident.

Where can you get support if you are a victim of a hate crime?

All of these organisations will be able to support you if you are a victim of a hate crime. Please also contact the police to report the crime and prevent future victims.

Report it

Reporting hate incidents and hate crimes provides valuable information to the police. You may have information that can lead to the identification, arrest and prosecution of an offender. Evidence that a crime has been aggravated by prejudice can lead to an increased sentence at court.

If you feel you are becoming a victim of hate crime we would prefer to speak to you on the phone (by calling us on 101) or in person.

If you would prefer to contact us online you can do so by filling in the Report a crime or incident form.