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It's ok to say no - these did

We have been telling people in our communities that ‘it’s ok to say no’ to prevent fraud and keep their money safe from criminals.


We’ve also been telling stories of victims of fraud on social media, how they’ve been targeted and what they have lost. But we’ve also had near misses reported to us, where the potential victim has said ‘no’ and had a lucky escape.

On 9th January, Peter Meneer from Taunton, reported receiving 2-5 calls every day for a few months from criminals about urgent announcements for people on benefits. Something didn’t sound right and so Mr Meneer refused to speak to them. He later stopped answering the calls and contacted Citizens Advice Bureau who passed on the details to Action Fraud. 

It seems like a simple thing to just say no but on the same day, 50 miles away in Bristol an 84 year old had £1950 stolen by a fraudster on the phone.

Mr John Page from Taunton received an email on the 13th January from someone claiming to be from Amazon advising that an order had been placed on his account. These scams are convincing and Mr Page clicked on the link in the email. However, before proceeding he fully checked all the details and realised it was a scam, deleted the email immediately and reported the incident to Action Fraud.

3 days later criminals stole £800 from a 25 year old from Bristol using the amazon scam.

Mrs Diana Baker from Wotton-under-edge has been receiving numerous calls from fraudsters over the last few months.

She told us

“I reckon I probably get 2-3 scam calls a week, plus up to 3 nuisance calls a day (PPI, boiler replacement, window replacement, bank charges, energy switching) ...”

On 19th January, a man phoned Mrs Baker, claiming to be from Microsoft Windows telling her that her computer had become infected with hundreds of viruses and he needed to get access to it to sort them out. Mrs Baker asked questions, instantly became suspicious and hung up.

2 weeks earlier a 75 year old from Nailsea was contacted by criminals claiming to be from Microsoft, didn’t spot the signs, didn’t say no and the criminals stole £520.

Remember, it's ok to say no.


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