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Protecting your home and belongings in the New Year

We appreciate that burglary prevention isn’t necessarily at the forefront of your mind but when you do have time to spare, whether it’s just for a moment, an hour here and there, or a free afternoon – why not take action to keep your home and family safe.

It only takes a minute or two for a burglar to gain access to an insecure property but the good news is that it also only takes a minute or two to follow a few simple burglary prevention tips. So why not start 2016 with a few new resolutions to keep your home, and belongings, safe this New Year.

While the kettle boils...

  • Lock all windows and doors, leave a radio on and put lights on a timer when you are out.
  • Remove keys from locked windows and keep them out of sight in a safe place.
  • Never leave valuables on display in your windows or near doors – especially those with cat flaps.
  • Keep presents out of sight and don’t leave packaging on display outside your house.
  • Don’t leave ladders or tools outside, or chain them up if you have to – they could be used to break into your property!
  • Download tracking software onto phones, laptops and any other gadgets you may have.
  • Dispose of packaging for expensive items discreetly; don’t advertise what is in your house.
  • Register your valuables on immobilise, the free national property database that could help you get your valuables back if found:


When you have a spare hour or less...

  • Consider fitting letter box restrictors. These can prevent thieves from accessing the lock from outside.
  • Fit sliding bolts to patio doors.
  • Photograph your valuables and make a note of their description.
  • Make sure your front and back doors are solid doors, in good condition, with a strong frame.
  • Invest in plug timers for lights and radios to give the appearance of people being at home when you are out or away.

Keys At Window

May take a little longer...

  • Consider fitting photoelectric (dusk ‘til dawn) security lights to the outside of your home at the front and back, with sensors so that they’re on during hours of darkness.
  • Alarms can be extended to garages and sheds. Alternatively, consider buying a battery-operated audible alarm.
  • When possible, it’s best to fit all external doors with a five lever mortice lock. A deadlock will provide additional security. It’s also advisable to have a security chain and a viewer fitted to your door.

Out And About

Out and about...

  • Keep handbags, purses and wallets close to you and secure at all times.
  • Don’t leave bags hanging on the back of chairs in cafés and restaurants, or in shopping trolleys.
  • Avoid leaving mobile phones or other valuables on tables, where an opportunist thief could easily swipe them.

Help get your property back by downloading tracking software to your tablets and phones. No matter whether you device is Android, Windows or Apple run, there is software out there to protect you.