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Working Together - Police, Partners & Community

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Through the Partners and Communities Together (PACT) process you have the chance to raise any issues or concerns you have in your area to your local Neighbourhood Policing Team and partner agencies.  We will work together with you and our partners to take action and resolve these issues.

What is it?

Partners and Communities Together (PACT) is the process used by Avon and Somerset Constabulary and partner agencies to engage with communities to identify and solve the local issues that are affecting community safety, feelings of safety and quality of life.

PACT has four elements:

  1. Engaging with communities to identify and understand the local issues affecting people's safety, feelings of safety and quality of life.
  2. Setting local priorities and agreeing what needs to be done to tackle the issues with communities and partners.
  3. Police, partners and communities working together and taking action to solve these local problems.
  4. Providing feedback to communities on what is being done and what has been achieved to improve public confidence that we are dealing with issues that matter locally.

How to get involved

There are a number of ways to get in touch with your Neighbourhood Policing Team to talk about any issues or concerns you have, to 'have your say' on local policing and community safety priorities and to get involved in tackling the issues.

These include:

  • Local Priorities Meetings -  these are regular open meetings, usually run by the local council and attended by your Neighbourhood Policing Team and other partner agencies. These meetings will be named differently depending on the area in which you live (eg PACT Meetings, Community Engagement Forums, Neighbourhood Forums, Local Action Groups, Connecting Communities Area Forums, or Public Forums).  They may be included as part of other public meetings such as Parish Council or Community meetings.
  • Beat Surgeries/Have Your Say meetings - these are held regularly in a variety of places, such as your local shopping centre, library or community centre, where you can have a one-to-one conversation with your Neighbourhood Policing Team.
  • Online - to contact your Neighbourhood Policing Team or find out what your local priorities are and raise new ones go to the Your Area page and search for your postcode.

Keep up to date

To find out about all future meetings and events held by your local Neighbourhood Policing Team go to Your Area page and search for your postcode.

You can also follow the main police twitter account @ASPolice or follow your local team's account. For a full list of our social media accounts go to the Social Media page.

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