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Youth related Anti-Social Behaviour

We are aware of the ongoing issues with youths causing anti-social behaviour in and around Weston Town Centre.

We have stepped up patrols and have been working with partner agencies to engage with young persons to help prevent and tackle this anti-social behaviour. We have issued a number of interventions to individuals identified as persistent offenders, including a number of Section 35 Dispersal notices and an injunction was issued to an individual restricting their movements within the Town Centre. A number of arrests for breaches of these interventions have also been made.

We look to increase public confidence by continuing to conduct regular high visibility patrols within the area and utilising the use of North Somerset Councils CCTV in and around the Town Centre to proactively monitor any incidents.

If you come across any young persons behaving in an anti-social manor then please report this to the Police via 101/999 or online. You can also email us directly through the Neighbourhood Policing page contact section.


  • 7 June 2023

    High visibility foot patrols continue in the areas subjected to youth relates ASB. Town Centre Neighbourhood Policing Team continue utilising Section 35 Dispersal Notices and North Somerset Community Response deal with individuals under their Public Space Protection Order powers.

    We are working closely with other Neighbourhood Policing Teams in Weston as well as North Somerset Anti-Social Behaviour Team, Child Social Services and North Somerset Youth Inclusion Support Project to educate the youths; put early interventions in place to divert their interest to positive activities/hobbies; sway them away from ASB.

  • 2 May 2023

    Weston Town Centre Neighbourhood Policing Team have been working North Somerset Community Response to tackle the youth related anti-social behaviour. Local officers have issued a number of Section 35 Dispersal Notices and arrested 1 youth for breaching conditions of said notice, and North Somerset Community Response Officers issued several fines under Public Space Protection Order powers.

    Officers continue to patrol the area and will deal with any anti-social behaviour swiftly and robustly.

  • 23 March 2023

    A number of Section 35 Dispersal Notices have been issued to youths engaging in ASB in Town Centre. Local Neighbourhood Policing Team continue working with ASB Team, North Somerset CCTV, local businesses and other partners to tackle the issue. ASB warning letters, acceptable behaviour contracts, community protection warnings/notices , community resolutions and civil injunctions are some of the interventions being considered and utilised for those most challenging.

    Local officers continue their regular patrol in the area.

  • 9 February 2023

    We have seen a reduction of calls to the police after we issued interventions to a number of individuals. We continue to patrol the areas affected and work with partners to monitor the situation.

  • 12 January 2023

    We continue to work with partner agencies and local businesses to reduce the incidents of ASB. We patrol the areas affected on a regular basis, issue Section 35 dispersal notices and have made a number of arrests, some resulting in court appearances.

    A number of injunctions, (restricting the movement of individuals) have been issued and are in the process of being issued.

    We have also utilised PSPO powers (Public Spaces Protection Orders) to fine parents or impose Restorative Justice measures for children who persistently cause issues in the town centre. Failure to pay fines will result in a court appearance.

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