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Increase in e-Scooters in Bournville

The electric scooter has become a popular mode of transport and there has been an obvious increase in the use of these across our beat areas. 

They are being used on pavements and public roads with little regard to whether this is legal and safe to do so. 

The electric scooter comes under the umbrella term ‘powered transporter’ which covers a variety of personal transport devices which are mechanically propelled (propelled by a motor). 

It includes e-scooters, Segway’s, hoverboards, go-peds (combustion engine powered kick scooters), powered unicycles and u-wheels.  

They are covered by the same laws and regulations covering all motor vehicles. 

All powered transporters including the e-scooter can only be used on private land to which and must have the permission of the landowner.

They cannot be used on: 

  • Footpaths 
  • Pavements 
  • Bridleways 
  • Cycle lanes (other spaces dedicated to cycle use) 

If they are used on the road, they must be registered, licensed, taxed and the rider licensed and insured. 

Not following these guidelines could lead to the item being seized, prosecution for driving license and insurance offences. 

We will look to give advice and enforce the above legislation where possible. 

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