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Rural Thefts

Rural Crime is a regular issue, with periods of ‘quiet’ then a sporadic flurry of activity.

Usual targets are sheds & outbuildings, containing strimmers, chainsaws, & power tools.

Regularly check bolts & locks, remember to cut back any foliage that may obscure security cameras, & consider fitting shed alarms. These are relatively inexpensive, & are readily available from most good DIY stores, or on- line. The noise emitted from these alarms is effective in  disturbing & disturbing offenders, & may prevent you from becoming a victim of crime.

Diesel oil & heating oil can also be targets, so again, consider motion activated, or wildlife cameras, & ensure tanks are fitted with robust locks.

Tools such as strimmers/chainsaws etc  can be securely marked with postcodes, & please record serial numbers/makes/models. This makes it easier to re-unite seized tools to their rightful owners.

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