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Selecta DNA Rural marking

The PCSOs have been recently been trained in a Selecta DNA marking for tools and equipment. We will be looking at repeat victims of theft of these tools and we will be holding marking events where we can offer these kits free of charge.


  • Tuesday 9th November, 2021

    Selecta Dna is being offered to  recent victim of crime, this is an ongoing facility that we use to help recover items if stolen and to help prevent thefts.

  • Wednesday 13th October, 2021

    Pcso Linda Brooks has been out marking some tools for a gentleman in the local Exmoor area helping to keep them secure.

  • Tuesday 17th August, 2021

    We aim to promote the Selecta DNA to help add extra security and if items are stolen and found we are able to reunite them to the owners. Also the items marked will have a sticker applied to help put off potential thieves.

  • Tuesday 22nd June, 2021

    We have recently used Selecta DNA to help a victim of a non dwelling burglary. This will be on offer to victims of crime and used in a preventative way.

  • Saturday 29th May, 2021

    We continue to offer this to victims of non dwelling burglaries and would encourage victims to report the crime and take up the offer of Selecta DNA marking as it is free to them.

  • Tuesday 27th April, 2021

    This will be an ongoing initiative where we will offer the kits to victims of attempted burglaries.

  • Wednesday 31st March, 2021

    PCSOs have been out and visiting victims of theft of tools and offering our Selecta DNA service. This is a great tool in the prevention or crime.

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