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Drug use around Filton College

Agreed: 01 October 2018

Added by Sean White on 04 October 2018 at 09:42

Reports of Drug use in and around the area of Filton College with youths causing Anti-Social Behaviour.

Actions & Updates

  • Tuesday 01 October 2019
    Lunch time patrol after recent calls relating to drug use in this area.
  • Saturday 01 June 2019
    Recent foot patrol in this area has seen a reduction in reports of this nature. We continue to work with the college.
  • Tuesday 09 April 2019
    Continued patrol in this area and also still working with staff at the college. No recent reported problems.
  • Monday 18 March 2019
    Students stopped in a track behind the shops on Filton Avenue today also in the Park at Filton Hill school. Advised and moved on.
  • Monday 18 February 2019
    Areas around the school being looked at as well as putting up yellow crime prevention signs on Conygre Road
  • Thursday 24 January 2019
    Drugs dog used in the college and several talks have been conducted within various classes.
  • Tuesday 30 October 2018
    This is still an on going problem, and we have a running problem solving plan, 5218172772. A drugs dog has been arranged to conduct patrol at the school in late November
  • Tuesday 30 October 2018
    Correction on problem solving plan number... This is 5218232133