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Frome Rural PACT priority – Fly Tipping

Agreed: 11 May 2017

Added by Michael Storey on 11 May 2017 at 21:58

Fly-tipping is on the rise. Fly-tipping is defined as the 'illegal deposit of any waste onto land that does not have a licence to accept it'. Tipping a mattress, electrical items or a bin bag full of rubbish in our rural locations causes a local nuisance and makes our rural communities look ugly and run down.

Actions & Updates

  • Thursday 05 July 2018
    Any sightings of offenders / offending vehicles committing this offence please collate descriptions, VRMs of the vehicles and report to us and Mendip district council.
  • Tuesday 05 June 2018
    It was agreed by the attendees at this evenings PACT meeting to keep this as a PACT priority.
  • Wednesday 24 January 2018
    The beat team attended this evenings PACT meeting at Kilmersdon. The rural communities that attended have decided that Fly Tipping should remain as a PACT priority.
  • Tuesday 19 September 2017
    After last night PACT meeting 19/09/2017 it was agreed by all that the PACT Priority to stay the same.
  • Monday 10 July 2017
    Unfortunately there have been further reports of fly-tipping in one of our rural communities. Any sightings of offenders / offending vehicles committing this offence please collate descriptions, VRMs of the vehicles and report to us and Mendip district council.
  • Friday 26 May 2017
    The beat team will continue to patrols at areas that we have had highlighted to us of having problems of fly-tipping occurring.
  • Friday 19 May 2017
    The beat team have liaised with an enforcement officer at Mendip district council this week reference fly-tipping within our area. We are taking a multi – agency approach over this damaging act against the rural communities of Frome. The beat team will be carrying out pro-active patrols at hot spots where this has been occurring. Your legal duty of care - Every individual and business has a duty of care over their waste, even after it has left your home or premises, and failure to take reasonable steps to do this risks prosecution and a fine. If you or your business pay someone to take your waste away - whether by man-with-a-van, builder, gardener or other tradesperson - it is important to check if they have a waste carrier's license. Ask to see the license, and ensure you check where your waste will go. You can also go online to see if they are registered with the Environment Agency - click on "Search the public registers" - or call the agency on 03708 506 506*.
  • Friday 19 May 2017
    How to report litter or dumped waste - By using the online form on the Mendip District Council website or by emailing, telephoning or writing to the council direct. You can report any areas in Mendip which you feel need cleaning because of the build-up of litter or if you have seen some waste dumped (fly-tipping). When reporting please supply the following information: Location e.g. town or village and a road name, Brief directions of how to find it, Type of waste e.g. general litter, fly-tipping such as a fridge, sofa cushions etc. Approximate amount of waste e.g. car boot, small van or transit van, is it hazardous waste e.g. chemical drums or asbestos (these will be collected by a specialist team) If you have witnessed the illegal dumping of waste, do not disturb the site, there may be evidence that could help identify the culprits and lead to their prosecution. Please provide the following additional information: vehicle registration, brief description of the vehicle/s seen fly-tipping, brief description of the person/people seen fly-tipping, photographic evidence if possible of the above. If you find dangerous litter, such as an empty syringe, dog fouling, or a major spillage on a public road, please report it.