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Frome Rural PACT Priority – Speeding within our rural villages.

Agreed: 06 May 2016

Added by Michael Storey on 12 May 2016 at 08:36

Speeding in the villages on both rural beats of Frome has been highlighted as a priority. The Speeding causes safety concerns amongst the communities. We have many active Community speed watch schemes in operation in the villages.

Actions & Updates

  • Thursday 05 July 2018
    Our community speed watch volunteers are still active within many of our rural villages. Please show these volunteers respect, after all they are trying to educate the many speeding drivers that are still ignoring the speed restrictions. SPEED KILLS; SLOW DOWN AND KEEP OUR COMMUNITIES SAFE.
  • Tuesday 05 June 2018
    It was agreed by the attendees at this evenings PACT meeting to keep this as a PACT priority.
  • Thursday 10 May 2018
    The beat team have carried out speed checks within two of our rural villages this morning 10/05/18, Rode and Norton St Phillip. Whilst we were at Norton St Phillip an HGV attempted to travel through the village, breaching weight restrictions. The HGV driver received a traffic offence ticket. To all road users, please adhere to all road signage, either speed limits or other restrictions in place.
  • Monday 23 April 2018
    The beat team have been out this morning at several loactions carrying out speed checks. Please slow down and comply to the spped limits and make our roads a safer place.
  • Wednesday 04 April 2018
    With the increase in 20 MPH zones, you may have noticed that the rural beat team have been carrying out random speed checks, notably Norton St Phillip, Faulkland, Beckington, Rode and Coleford. If you see us give us a wave.
  • Sunday 11 February 2018
    The beat team have liaised with CSW co-ordinator reference persistent speeding at the Berkley school location. Nearly 200 prosecutions were carried out in the 2017 period at this location. A letter has been sent to the school to be distributed to all that attend the school to make them aware of the persisting problem.
  • Wednesday 24 January 2018
    The beat team attended this evenings PACT meeting at Kilmersdon. The rural communities that attended have decided that Speeding within our rural villages should remain as a PACT priority.
  • Saturday 03 September 2016
    Please be aware that some of our rural villages have no active community speed watch schemes running. Some have stopped due to lack of volunteers. Community Speed Watch gives local people the ability to actively get involved in road safety. Community Speed Watch is a partnership between the Community, the Police and Local Authorities. A Speed Watch consists of local residents, who are willing to volunteer a small amount of time each week to monitor speeds with speed detection equipment. If you feel that you have time to volunteer to Community Speed Watch, please contact your local Neighbourhood Policing Team who will assist in the implementation of a Community Speed Watch scheme in your community.