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Doorstep Traders

Doorstep Traders, otherwise known as Nottingham Knockers

With the summer months approaching, we have previously known “NOTTINGHAM KNOCKERS” to call on residents in the local area attempting to sell goods – whilst we do not have reason to believe the goods they are selling have been illegitimately obtained, these persons will often try to sell poor quality goods at inflated prices by targeting people who make take pity on them and the background story they give. They also operate without the appropriate peddlers’ license for this selling activity and will often present a card that has been made by unauthorised persons to appear like an official sellers license.

Please contact police when you see or experience this activity so that we may trace their whereabouts to establish what they are doing and if necessary, stop them from doing this and ensure they leave the area.


  • Monday 1st November, 2021

    Please call the Police on 101 if anyone comes to your door and sells to you. We can check that they are authentic and have the right licence to operate.

    Information from the public about this activity is always welcomed so that we may know where these unlicensed traders are operating and can put suitable advice out to residents who may otherwise be susceptible to buying items from them.

  • Wednesday 11th November, 2020

    Please do phone the police if you have any concerns around any bogus callers.

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