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Coronavirus (COVID-19): the policing response and what you need to know

ASB Mopeds and other issues….

Residents on the Meadows estate have reported mopeds being driven through the estate. Riders are: not wearing helmets; are performing ‘doughnuts’; riding on pavements and footpaths. The Keynsham Neighbourhood Policing Team is working to identify the riders and deal with them. A warning under s59 of The Police Reform Act 2002 has already been issued. Should the rider drive in an anti-social manner again their moped can be seized. Please contact us on 101 if you have any information that could identify the registrations/mopeds and riders.


  • Friday 11th June, 2021

    A meeting with residents on Sunday 6th revealed a number of anti-social issues around Bilbie Green and surrounding streets. Included in this was the continuation of mopeds being ridden in an anti-social manner. Rather than legally held mopeds causing anti-social behaviour (ASB), which appears to have stopped after Neighbourhood Policing Team (NPT) intervention, stolen moped riders are now present. Over the past few weeks the NPT, with the public’s and other policing teams’ help, have recovered seven such bikes. One culprit is currently under investigation with forensic investigations into two items of clothing under way. Patrols have increased significantly in the area and operations have been planned for the near future. Due to the sensitivity of those plans I cannot disclose more details. Likewise suggestion that drug use on the estate is an issue will be tackled by those operations and patrols. If ASB is identified as emanating from a particular household, then ASB legislation can be utilised to address this. I have agreed with residents to update these pages with more detail. A number of residents are working with my team providing information. If you have any information that may assist in dealing with any issue in your street/area please do not hesitate to call 101 and pass that information over. Sgt 2601 Jon Bagnowiec.

  • Thursday 20th May, 2021

    With the help of people in the community it is understood the legally held mopeds being ridden in an anti-social manner have stopped doing so. However, a number of mopeds/motorcycles (5) have continued. Four of these have been recovered from hiding places and a person is under investigation. Actions and enquiries are on-going to identify culprits and prevent further ASB.

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