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Anti Social Behaviour – Ham Hill Country Park

Due to its remote location, Ham Hill Country Park suffers from instances of anti-social behaviour, including drug usage, vehicle nuisance and out of control dogs. This is particularly prevalent during the summer months where the weather results in an increase in footfall and longer days.


Local officers will work with the park rangers to identify areas of specific concern across the park. Close attention will be paid to these areas and we will increase high visibility patrols, on foot and cycle. Particular attention will be paid to the parks car parks in the early evenings as this is when vehicle nuisance and drug usage is at its highest. Events will be held in the car parks to educate the public on dog laws, to reduce incidents involving dogs out of control and livestock worrying.



Thanks to high visibility late night patrols by NPT PCSO’s, incidents of fires and anti-social behaviour have decreased. This has been assisted by the end of the summer and the darker nights/colder weather. We will continue to monitor this area as we exit the Autumn.

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