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Excess Speed – North Street, Martock

Local residents have raised concerns around vehicles travelling at excess speed along North Street in Martock. This road is subject to heavier traffic flow due to its proximity in the centre of the village, it’s use as access to the main shopping area and it’s use as a feed road to the A303.

Local officers will continue to provide a high visibility presence on this road to deter excess speed. They will make use of speed monitoring equipment to gauge the extent of the problem and consideration will be given to recruiting the assistance of the Constabulary’s Speed Enforcement Unit to deter drivers from travelling at excess speed and to gather in depth data, with the consideration of approaching the community to start a Community Speed Watch.



Our Speed Enforcement Unit has conducted an assessment of the road. Unfortunately the road layout is not suitable for a Speed Indicator Device, however the site would be suitable for a Community  Speed Watch (CSW) programme. The NPT have reached out to the community to assess the interest in a CSW and await responses. If you are interested, please let us know in the contact us section.

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