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Anti-Social Behaviour and Criminal Damage Hive Community Centre Peasedown St John.

Youths gathering in the early evenings around the Hive Community Centre Bath Road Peasedown St John.  Staff and centre users have been subjected to abuse from youths mainly aged around 14yrs. Damage has been done to doors locks and post boxes and glass bottles smashed around the building.  This has been happening on a regular basis.


  • Tuesday 19th April, 2022

    The parents of those identified by Neighbourhood Officers as responsible have now paid for damage caused earlier this year.  No further issues reported in recent weeks.

  • Thursday 3rd March, 2022

    Six individuals involved in the ASB have been identified. Parents have been contacted by police, and in some cases, we have sent out ASB warning letters. Arrangements have been made for some of the damaged caused to be paid for by those responsible.

  • Friday 4th February, 2022

    CCTV has been viewed and individuals identified and dealt with. Neighbourhood Officers are visiting parents of those young people involved.

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