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Anti-social Driving in Cheddar Gorge

The local beat team have started to see an increase in calls regarding anti-social driving in Cheddar village and the gorge.

Anti-social driving is where a vehicle or group of vehicles are being used in a way which is likely to cause members of the public harassment, alarm or distress.

For example, loud music, excessive and unnecessary engine revving, wheels spinning, hand brake turns and drifting.

The local beat team are conducting proactive patrols on evenings and weekends to monitor the situation.

If you witness a vehicle being used in this way, please call 101 or email the beat team with the registration, description of the vehicle and the manner in which the vehicle was being used.


  • Sunday 18th July, 2021


    Most of you will have seen by now the recent addition of the metal ‘gabions’ in Cheddar Gorge.

    These were a police-funded initiative aimed at reducing the opportunity for antisocial driving in the Gorge.  They are essentially large metal baskets filled with stones donated from a local quarry, which have been placed strategically in the car parks to act as barriers which reduce the ability for people to carry out dangerous manoeuvres, thus making it a safer environment for pedestrians, cyclists and other road users.

    Longleat Estate have installed the gabions for us, and they are maintaining them on a regular basis, frequently having to carry out repairs due to damage caused during the evenings.

    The gabions are a step towards reducing the antisocial driving in the area which deters visitors from coming to this beauty spot and disturbs the local residents, but multi-agency work is underway to formulate a longer-term more permanent solution to the problem.

    In the meantime your local Neighbourhood Policing Team, along with response officer colleagues from surrounding areas, specialist traffic officers from the Roads Policing Unit, and volunteer police officers from our Special Constabulary continue to patrol the Gorge on a regular basis.

    We also work closely with the local Community Speed Watch group who conduct periodic speed monitoring sessions in the lower Gorge, and we utilise the force drone whenever we can to assist with the monitoring of ‘car meets’.

    We ask the public to report it if they witness anyone tampering with the gabions, as we will be taking any criminal damage to them seriously.

  • Friday 18th September, 2020

    Your new beat team are painfully aware of the issues surrounding modified vehicles gathering in the Gorge and speeding through the surrounding areas, and we can assure you that we are working hard to try to reduce the impact on the local residents. 

    We have been told on numerous occasions that although the issue with antisocial driving in and around the Gorge has been a problem for many years, it has been considerably worse this year, particularly since the easing of the lockdown, and it is understandably taking its toll on the residents and the businesses.

     We want to reassure you that whenever we are made aware of a planned meet we do everything we can to ensure that the community is kept safe.  Your local neighbourhood beat team patrol the area, with support from the wider Sedgemoor beat team.  We also request additional support from more specialist resources such as the Roads Policing Unit (traffic officers) and even the Avon and Somerset Drone Team to help monitor the meets and capture evidence of dangerous driving.  In addition to this, we are very lucky in Cheddar to have an extremely dedicated team of Special Constables who volunteer their time to police the car meets. 

    There is a large amount of work ongoing ‘behind the scenes’ at the moment in relation to a multi-agency response towards the issues with modified vehicles and dangerous driving in Cheddar, with more meetings due to take place in the coming weeks as we work towards finding a longer-term solution to the problems.

  • Thursday 6th February, 2020

    We are aware that the Gorge continues to cause concerns to our community following reports of anti-social driving in the area.

    As a result of this, we are closely working with partner agencies to address this.

    Also, the local Neighbourhood Policing Team and our Special Constabulary continue to work together closely and patrol the area regularly.

  • Friday 30th August, 2019

    Local Neighbourhood Officers teamed up with the Special Constabulary and Traffic Officers for patrols around Cheddar on the Bank holiday weekend.

    Officer gave WOA regarding various offences.

    There was a number of tickets given regarding Number plates/ tyres/ seat belt offences.

    1 person was arrested and a vehicle seized during the weekend.

  • Thursday 29th August, 2019

    Local neighbourhood PCSO issued a Section 59 ticket for Anti-social Driving in Cliff Street Car Park.

  • Tuesday 9th July, 2019

    The local policing team have carried on with the Anti-social Behaviour(ASB) patrols in Cheddar Gorge with help from Special Constabulary, over the weekends.

    Local Policing Team have been spending around 10-15 hours patrolling Cheddar Gorge over the last few weeks to try and tackle Anti-social driving.

  • Tuesday 8th January, 2019

    The Sedgemoor North East Neighbourhood Police team have been responding to any incidents of anti-social driving within the area.

  • Thursday 1st November, 2018

    We have increased the number of Police on the days which have been identified as the busiest in terms of calls regarding Anti-social Behaviour.

    Both our Traffic and Special Constabulary colleagues have been supporting the local neighbourhood team and issuing warning tickets for speeding offences and improper modifications to vehicles.

  • Thursday 13th September, 2018

    We have increased the numbers of Police present at nights identified to be the busiest times in the week.

    Both the Traffic and Response colleagues have been supporting the local Neighbourhood Policing Team and have successfully issued tickets for speeding and improper modification to vehicles.

  • Wednesday 8th August, 2018

    The local Beat Team have been conducting regular patrols in the area which have resulted in the following being issued: 18 x Anti-Social Behaviour letters

    • 6 x Section 59 warnings
    • 2 x Section 35 warnings
    • 2 x Traffic Offence Reports
    • and 12 x words of advice / educational advice.

    We continue to work towards reducing anti-social behaviour in the Gorge and ask that members of the public continue to report any incidents that they witness.

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