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Coronavirus (COVID-19): the policing response and what you need to know

Suspicious activity in rural areas

There have been recent reports of “Nottingham Knockers” operating in several Sedgemoor areas. These are cold callers who usually tell residents that they are ex-offenders trying to go straight, then try and sell poor quality and over-priced cleaning products, they may also offer services such as roof repairs, driveway repairs and cleaning. The police want to remind residents they are under no obligation to answer the door to anyone they don’t know or aren’t expecting. If you do talk to them, they are supposed to be able to provide a valid Pedlar’s Certificate and should leave your property when asked.


  • Thursday 12th November, 2020

    Remember with the current ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, you cannot guarantee a safe distance or cleanliness of any purchases made.

    Police always recommend using a door chain and asking to see the identification of unexpected callers.

    • If you are suspicious of a caller ring 999 straight away • keep your cash in the bank, not at home • keep windows and doors secured if you’re not in the room

    Remember, genuine callers:

    • expect you to check their identification before opening the door • would never try to rush you by claiming there’s an emergency • will happily make an appointment to come back when you can have a relative or friend with you.

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