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Advice on Home Security

Remember: Most burglaries are opportunistic

  1. Always close and lock doors and windows when you go out – even if just for a short time – and when you go to bed at night. Don’t forget doors into garages or conservatories


  1. Make sure your locks and security measures comply with your insurance requirements. More information can be found at com and locksmiths.co.uk


  1. Keep keys, including shed and car keys, in a place where they’re not visible to anyone looking in. Don’t leave keys in the door and never hide a spare key outside.


  1. Keep valuables hidden and not visible from windows


  1. Take photos of your valuable items for insurance purposes and keep them with your policy


  1. Window locks and visible burglar alarms can act as a deterrent to criminals


  1. Never leave packaging from new goods visible with your general rubbish. Criminals may see it and target your property


  1. Draw curtains in the evening and leave your lights on a timer switch if you’re going out. Make sure one light is on upstairs


  1. Consider keeping expensive jewelry, house deeds and other important items in a home safe anchored to the brickwork

Register valuable items free of charge with immobilise.com, a property register that helps police identify your property and catch criminals.

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