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Scam Advice to Note : Actual Experiences Reported

More Scams to Note: Actual experiences reported


  • I have had 15 emails from DHL saying I have to update my details to allow them to deliver a parcel (I don’t have any parcels outstanding).
  • I have had 7 emails to Amazon saying they were unable to deliver a parcel (as above none outstanding).
  • I have also had a notification that £250 had been taken out of my Pay Pal account (I don’t have one)

If, like the above person, you are not expecting a delivery and don’t have a PayPal account, it’s easy to see this is an attempted scam. But, if you are expecting a parcel and do have a PayPal account, you could easily be taken in so take care and don’t respond. As in the second experience below, contact the firms direct.

  • In the past couple of weeks, I have had several calls (landline) to tell me my amazon prime account is going to be £39.99 and if I want to end it, I should press 1. I’ve ignored this as I want to keep the account.
  • Today I got a call that said my account had been hacked and they had taken £99.99 from my account and I should press 1 to talk to customer services. I hung up.
  • I have since rung Amazon customer service and was told it was a hoax. They never call only send emails

This person could have been taken in but wisely resisted responding to the instructions in this ‘cold’ call. The information obtained from Amazon is well worth noting that contact by Amazon is always by email, never by phone.

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