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Coronavirus (COVID-19): the policing response and what you need to know

Enforcing the Pedestrian zone on East Street Bedminster

The Southville Neighbourhood Policing Team receive numerous complaints from local businesses and residents complaining about the number of cars that breach the Pedestrian Zone driving restrictions on East Street on a daily basis.  

Today 14/07/2021 members of the beat team were enforcing the Pedestrian Zone resulting in 15 tickets being issued to motorists in addition to numerous other motorists being given words of advice.  PC 2120 RONEN was quotes as saying “MOTORISTS MUST OBAY THE PEDESTRIAN ZONE RESTRICTION SIGNS POSTED AT THE TOP OF EAST STREET.  MANY RESIDENTS AND SHOP KEEPERS WERE HAPPY TO SEE US ENFORCING THE TRAFFIC ORDER, SOMETHING THAT WE WILL CONTINUE IN DUE COURSE”.


Motorists are reminded that they should not be driving down East Street between 7am – 7pm as they run the risk of receiving a ticket.


  • Wednesday 1st December, 2021

    Today as part of a day of action on East Street, Officers have undertaken action to enforce the restrictions on East Street.

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