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Theft from Shops

Priority closed

  • This priority is now closed as a result of the actions below.
  • If you have any questions or issues concerning this priority, you can contact the beat team using the contact form on the beat page.

As demonstrated in previous years, some people like to use the festive season as a time to steal items from shops in order to make a few extra quid, costing the retail market hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Here in Wells, the local Neighbourhood team are committed to protecting all stores, staff and customers from such thefts.

With the trying Covid -19 times, businesses need our support more than ever as we adapt to  a new reality.

Wells NPT will be looking to engage with local stores to provide advice and guidance on how best to protect themselves from shoplifters.

Alongside regular high visibility patrols, local officers will also be looking to conduct random ‘days of action’ in which plain clothed officers will be around the stores to  prevent and arrest person(s) seen to be shoplifting.


  • Thursday 20th January, 2022

    From review, there have been no new emerging crime trends within the AE021 area.

    Previous interactions from local business owners led NPT to believe that there had been an increase in shop thefts.
    As shown in the figures above, there were 12 thefts reported linked to a business premises, however upon review these reports are form large corporations such as Tesco, Morrison’s and Mountain warehouse who have an in store procedure which is followed. There have been 0 reports from local independently owned stores.

    #9708 FORDE, CORAL has identified 2 points of consideration when discussing the reporting of thefts online:

    1) Local business’s are NOT reporting thefts to police. There is no data to support reports are being received.

    2) Local business’s are reporting incorrectly or via incorrect channels and the police are not being notified. It has come to #9708 FORDE, CORAL attention that some people report crime via ‘DISC’ which claims to link with the police but currently does not.

    Previous mentions of reports not being generated have been looked at with support of the Enquiry office, who have identified a communication gap in which the relevant templates were not being sent out to generate correct linking. This has now been rectified for further use, however there is no evidence this has affected the PVEP data.

    After engaging with the Enquiry office, Qlik sense teams and the Force crime incident Registrar, #9708 FORDE, CORAL spoke with #2503 CHEESEMAN, ROBERT who is looking to overhaul the online reporting process in regards to shop thefts.

    #2503 CHEESEMAN, ROBERT has identified that certain issues regarding crime reporting and data storing is a current issue both for A&S and Nationally.

    #2503 CHEESEMAN, ROBERT is hoping to roll out a new process for managing offenders of shop lifting which is delivered in Bristol and recognised by the National Business Crime Centre as best practice.  This fundamentally focusses on the confidence issue and raising that through information sharing and targeting of our most harmful offenders in partnership with our communities. This could be beneficial for Mendip West to engage with in regards to identifying what features we can take back to our own community whilst the overhaul is underway.

    Actions for NPT to takeaway from PVEP:
    Continue to engage with local business owners / managers / staff to remind them just how important it is to report crimes and ASB behaviours in their stores. This will help identify crime trends and hot spot locations in which patrols can be conducted and extra resources requested.

    There will be no step by step guide to reporting at this time as previously discussed at the Business meeting held beginning of December. This is to allow time for the overhaul without confusing members of the community with unnecessary information.

    A meeting was planned for local business’s to attend on the 27/01/22 to feedback about the PVEP and actions previously discussed.
    Unfortunately no one attended the meeting and information / updates could not be shared.

    An email will go out to those who previously attended, and #9708 FORDE, CORAL will look to support local business’s in alternative routes for sharing information. This will include the sharing of the Jan 2022 business crime plan which outlines the next 3 years strategic vision, supported by the COG and PCC.

    In Conclusion:
    Wells NPT have responded to concerns raised by local residents / business owners about emerging crime trends. Plain clothed patrols were incorporated into high visibility patrols to ensure maximum visibility in high foot fall areas and surrounding city centre locations. 2 x Days of action were held where Wells NPT conducted a multi agency approach alongside Mendip Council CCTV and Mendip Council enforcement officers to be as proactive as possible, sharing powers and responsibilities in the AE021 area.

    Extra effort has been made via online platforms, including social media, beat pages and sharing of newsletters. Local NPT have been sharing videos of themselves on patrols and explaining what they are doing to combat any concerns raised.

    The Somerset email has been shared amongst the local business group chat, telling people how to report suspicious behaviour to us if a crime has not been committed but they still think we should know about including any offenders This information will be stored in line with GDP regulations, however local NPT have not yet received any correspondence regarding this matter.

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