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Youth related Anti-Social Behaviour

It has been brought to our attention that there has been an increasing issues with anti-social behaviour in and around Weston Town Centre.

As the local Neighbourhood Policing Team we will continue to work with partner agencies and engage with young persons to help prevent and tackle anti-social behaviour.

We will look to increase public confidence by conducting regular public high visibility patrols within the area.

If you come across any young persons behaving within an anti-social manor then please report this to the Police via 101/999 or you can email us directly through the Neighbourhood Policing page.


  • Thursday 12th May, 2022

    We have issued 8 Section 35 Notices (for Anti-Social behaviour) to youths causing issues in and around the High Street.

    In a coordinated action with North Somerset Council CCTVs control room, the youths were tracked to a location near the High Street where they were stopped by Town Centre PCs and PCSOs and the notices were issued.

    These notices are instructions to leave the area and not return within a set time, in this case 24 hours or they will face arrest.

    Details of the youths were taken and their parents will be informed of the actions we have taken.

    If this is a repeat offence other interventions will be considered to curb their activities.

    The Town Centre NPT will continue to run high visibility patrols in the area to deter any Anti-Social behaviour.


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