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Security advice for the festive season

Agreed: 02 December 2019

Added by Sara Stephenson on 02 December 2019 at 12:02

• Lock all windows and doors, leave a radio on and put lights on a timer when you are out. • Keep presents out of sight and don’t leave packaging on display outside your house. • Keep valuables like car keys, bags and mobile phones out of sight and out of reach of windows, doors and cat flaps. • Keep handbags, purses and wallets secure at all times and don’t leave bags hanging on the back of chairs in cafes and restaurants or in trolleys. • Avoid leaving mobile phones or other valuables on tables, where an opportunist thief could easily swipe them. • Remember to lock your car, close all windows and put personal belongings out of sight in the boot. • Don’t leave shopping, gifts or other valuables items like laptops or mobile phones on display in your car.