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Catalytic Converter stolen from Honda vehicles.

We have had reports of two vehicles that have had catalytic converters stolen from over night on the 11/02/2021. The vehicles that have been targeted are Honda’s, so please be vigilant.

Your catalytic converter is probably a part of your car that you give very little thought to … but there are thieves out there who are giving it a lot of thought. That’s because catalytic converters are packed with precious metals to neutralise harmful exhaust gasses. The scrap value of catalytic converters is so high, that some of the metals are worth more than gold.

There are ways of making your catalytic converters safe with different devices clamps etc so we ask that you do your research.

We would advise to leave your vehicle in a well lit area when parked or on a driveway with cctv if possible, the equipment used to cut a catalytic converter is heavy duty and can be completed within minutes.



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