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Coronavirus (COVID-19): the policing response and what you need to know


Yeovil Neighbourhood Police have been made aware of several incidents of fires in the areas of THE FORUM, ABBEY MANOR, YEOVIL and HOUNDSTONE RETAIL PARK, KING ARTHUR WOODS in YEOVIL. These incidents have occurred from 1700hrs -1900hrs over the last 2-3 months. Whilst investigations into the incidents and individuals involved are ongoing Police would like to remind the public to remain vigilant and aware. Youths have recently been apprehended and their actions accounted for.  Should you have any information relating to these incidents you should contact 101.






  • Tuesday 13th October, 2020

    Increased patrols on foot in the areas and challenging of youths seems to have reduced the number of fires.  However the occasional reports of anti social behaviour caused by youths over 6 in a group, being loud, dropping litter and intimidating to other users hasn’t.

    The reports have more recently have been shoplifting on Houndstone retail park and the shops  at The Forum.  Anti social behaviour Oak Tree Park, King Arthur park where stop and search powers will be used to educate and or prosecute as appropriate.

    Please report these even if after the event (better at the time) as then we will be able to form a better picture as to where and when to direct patrols.  Intelligence as to those responsible encouraged.

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