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Parking outside of schools

It is being reported to us by local schools that the parents/guardians of students being dropped off at school are involved in the following

*Parking on Zig Zag lines causing obstruction.

*Dropping of children while still participating in moving traffic.

* parking on the pavements.


Schools and local PCSOs  put the safety of children as a top priority. We try to be present at school where possible doing high visibility patrols and deal with incidents quickly and robustly

please drive safely


  • Thursday 17th November, 2022

    We have been heavenly involved with the schools in their Road Safety Week and tackling issues around parking outside of the schools.

    We have taken along our ‘Parking Buddies’ as a visual reminder to drivers and their responsibilities for their children’s safety outside of schools.

    We have been into the classroom educating youngsters around The Green Cross Code.

  • Sunday 2nd October, 2022

    Sadly as schools have reopened we are receiving calls about people parking on school keep clear signs.

    We are conducting patrols during these times to remind people that this is an offence and you can receive a ticket. It is dangerous to parents and children trying to cross and will be dealt with robustly.

    If you see any of this behaviour please report to us via 101

  • Monday 25th July, 2022

    Schools are now closed until September but we will be out and about again looking at these issues when schools open.

  • Friday 17th June, 2022

    Sadly we have had reports of children sitting on drivers laps whilst driving. This is not acceptable and will be dealt with robustly if seen.

    We have been working with schools and drivers to educate them on  the importance of road safety and the wearing of seatbelts. This is the law, not optional. They save lives!

    Please report if seen via 999

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