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Bristol Drugs Education Programme


I am writing to request information about Avon and Somerset's Drugs Education Programme. Under freedom of information laws, please tell me:

1. How long the scheme ran for;

2. During that time, how many referrals were made and for what type of drugs offence?

3. How many were arrested, rather than given a referral?

Clarification received 28th July 2017 ref Q3:

I mean the number arrested since the Drugs Education Programme started, as opposed to those sent on a Drugs Education course.



1. The Drugs Education Programme started in April 2016 in the Bristol Area.

2.  Since April 2016 a total of 633 individuals have been referred to the course for drugs possession offences in Bristol. Referrals are only applicable to possession offences.

3. Since April 2016 there were a total of 300 arrests for drugs possession offences in Bristol.

FOI reference: 807/17.
Date of request: 03.07.17.