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Coronavirus (COVID-19): the policing response and what you need to know

Deputy Chief Constable Sarah Crew

Sarah joined Avon and Somerset Police in September 1994 and was appointed Deputy Chief Constable in June 2017.

Sarah Crew, Avon and Somerset Police

Sarah says:

“My drive for fairness and equality lies at the heart of my passion for policing.

I have always been determined to stand up for the underdog and against the bully, and policing seemed to me to offer the greatest opportunity to help people directly on a personal, practical and human level. It’s also important to me to be part of a team with the same clear mission and values.

“I believe policing is about helping to create the conditions that help people and their communities to thrive and make life choices and opportunities better for everyone.”

I know policing cannot do this alone, but it certainly has a role to play in establishing safety, confronting those who threaten that safety and standing up for those within our communities who are less fortunate, less equipped or have a quieter voice.”

Key responsibilities
  • Delivery of an effective and efficient police service that maintains public confidence.
  • Overseeing the smooth day-to-day running of the force.
  • Ensuring Avon and Somerset Police consistently maintains high levels of achievement in performance, standards of behaviour and change and development.
  • The National Police Chief Council’s (NPCC’s) national lead and Avon and Somerset Police’s lead for response to adult sexual offences.
  • Avon and Somerset Police’s lead for inclusion and diversity and responsible for rolling out the force’s proactive Inclusion and Diversity Strategy.
  • Chair of the Anti-Slavery Partnership, which aims to find and support victims of human trafficking and modern slavery, disrupt criminal activity and prosecute those responsible.
  • 1994 – Uniform and Criminal Investigation Department (CID) roles within Avon and Somerset Police including Sergeant and Inspector.
  • 2003 – Detective Inspector in charge of CID, central Bristol.
  • 2005 – Detective Chief Inspector at Avon and Somerset Police.
  • 2006 – Head of Avon and Somerset Police’s Intelligence Bureau.
  • 2009 – Detective Superintendent in charge of Bristol CID.
  • 2011 – Chief Superintendent at Avon and Somerset Police and Commander of the South Gloucestershire policing area.
  • 2013 – Programme Director and lead for Force Reorganisation at Avon and Somerset Police.
  • 2017 – Deputy Chief Constable at Avon and Somerset Police.
Career highlights and achievements
  • Leading a major transformational change programme for Avon and Somerset Police (2013-2015) aimed at reducing waste and inefficiency whilst increasing service, standards and quality to the public. Savings of £9.9 million were secured by 2016/17 with strong foundations created to support the organisation’s future vision. Avon and Somerset Police rated Outstanding in understanding demand (2017 PEEL report, which is an annual assessment of police services).
  • Managing an ambitious £12 million technology programme to modernise the way Avon and Somerset Police officers work, with the introduction of over 3,000 body worn video (BWV) cameras, 3,500 laptops, 6,000 mobile phones and wi-fi enablement in police cars. Officers can now work faster and with greater efficiency, spending more time on the streets and moving more rapidly between jobs.
  • Representing policing, as the NPCC’s national lead, in the current cross-Government review of the way the criminal justice system responds to rape.
  • Leading on delivery of Avon and Somerset Police’s Inclusion and Diversity Strategy (2019-2024) and the organisation’s ambition to become the most inclusive in the UK.
  • Founded Operation Bluestone, a nationally-recognised approach to the detection, investigation and prevention of rape and serious sexual assault with tailored victim support, and advice and encouragement to come forward.
  • Delivering, with partners, The Bridge Sexual Assault Referral Centre in Bristol, which provides medical care, emotional and psychological support and practical help to anyone who has been raped or sexually assaulted.
  • Developing, with partners, the SafeLink service, providing specialist support for victims of rape and sexual abuse.
  • Senior investigating officer in a range of major criminal investigations.
  • Chief officer lead for age with responsibility for ensuring that everyone who joins the organisation, irrespective of age, has every opportunity to fulfil their potential.
Qualifications, awards and recognition
  • 2:1 Honours Degree in Classics – Magdalen College, Oxford.
  • Public Order Gold* Commander (*Gold = with overall strategic command of operations).
  • Strategic Firearms Gold* Commander.
  • Civil Contingencies Gold* Commander.
  • Received a Certificate of Merit for Operation Bluestone, as winner of the Public Vote, in the 2011 Home Office Tilly Awards. The awards recognise innovative crime fighting projects where police, community groups and the public work together to identify and tackle local crime problems.
Personal life
  • Sarah enjoys challenges and has completed various strenuous events from half marathons to long-distance obstacle courses – the latter in support of Unseen, a charity supporting victims of modern slavery.
  • She also enjoys running and dog-walking.
  • Sarah became Chair of the Trustees of The Wheels Project in 2015, which centres on crime prevention and offers life skills and practical training, some of which carry nationally accredited awards, to socially excluded teenagers who may be struggling with academic studies or have low attendance levels.
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