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Kill the Bill Protests (Op Hyacinth)- Policing Costs and Arrests

Date of request: 25 March 2021
Reference: 380/21


[Applicant Wording]: The cost of clearing the illegal camp where the illegal protesters were camped out in the city centre College Green on Tuesday day the 23rd of March 2021 and the number of arrests and incarcerations during this event with powers given to you by the Home Secretary


The total costs for the public order events related to ‘kill the bill’ are yet to be collated and finalised. This information will however be published in the future once collated, and is therefore exempt by virtue of Section 22 of the Act.

I cannot make out any tangible community benefit in releasing partial information at this time as it will be highly inaccurate and there is a process in place for publishing this information. Therefore, the information requested will be made available to the public in due course.

14 arrests were made on 23rd March at the above event.


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