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Bicycle Thefts January 2018 – June 2022

Date of request: 22 June 2022
Reference: 703-22


I would like to know:

  1. How many bicycles have been reported to the police as stolen from each postcode district in this region from 01/01/18 to now?
  2. If possible, information on the bicycle models reported stolen?
  3. If possible, information on the stated values of bicycles reported stolen?
  4. The number of bicycles successfully returned to their owners from 01/01/18 to now.


Please find attached an excel workbook containing information relating to your request.

In answer to question 1, the first tab shows the number of bicycles recorded as stolen in each year since 2018 by postcode district.

Regarding question 2, more or less fine-grained information could be provided depending on the interpretation of ‘models’ in your question.  We have provided in tab 2 a breakdown by property type.  Specific make and model is sometimes recorded, however the fields to record this level of detail are often left blank, or completed in reverse order.  A breakdown by make and model in this case would also amount to a table hundreds of pages long.  While we would be happy to consider a request for this information specifically, I have made the judgement that an interpretation of ‘model’ at the higher level of property type may provide a more adequate and useful answer to this question.  Please let us know if any additional information is required.

For question 3, please see the third tab showing the recorded value of the bicycles stolen in each year, by property type.


Finally, the fourth tab shows the number of bicycles recorded as having been returned in each year, by property type.

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