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Drug Detection Dogs

Date of request: 18 July 2023
Reference: 882/23


I would like information on the following:

  1. Total annual spending on drug detection dogs by Avon and Somerset Police. If possible, please provide a breakdown of all annual costs including salary of the dog handlers, ongoing training for handler and dog, housing, veterinary bills, food, cost of equipment, etc.
  2. Hourly cost per drug detection dog charged under a Special Police Services arrangement.
  3. Number of drug detection dogs currently in service with Avon and Somerset.


  1. The total annual spend in 2022/23 on drug detection dogs by Avon and Somerset Police is £64,908. Please note that this figure was calculated using figures from the total spend for all police dogs. This figure has been broken down into the following categories:


Annual Salary for a PC + Dog Handler Allowance £63573
Routine Vet Bills £200
Food £335
Kennelling Costs £800
Total £64908


2. This is charged at the normal PC rate of:

£79 per hour

£101 per hour on a bank holiday

3. We currently have 8 drug detection dogs in force.


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