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Emergency and Priority graded incidents 2022/23

Date of request: 20 February 2024
Reference: 1348-23


Hi, can you please provide me with the number of A&S’s Emergency and Priority graded incidents from the 2022/23 financial year, and the percentage of which the attendance response times have been met/not met for both grades of incidents.


Please find below the figures for Immediate and Priority calls response times, for 2022/23.  For clarity we have also provided a table showing the service standard and description for each incident grade.

Please note that calls graded as Immediate have different target response times for Urban and Rural areas.  As such, these figures have been provided in separate tables.


It is important to note that in some cases victims are not available to be seen initially, which delays the incident response time. Other factors that may cause delays affecting the average response time include major incidents, which increase the demand on our service beyond the usual level. In a small number of cases, response times can be skewed by administrative errors or situation changes – for example, where a call is initially recorded as Priority and later requires upgrading, due to a change in the threat level. This would show the original creation date/time of when the call was deemed to be Priority, but an attendance time of when it was upgraded to Immediate and attended immediately following the upgrade.


One further example may also help to illustrate that in some circumstances a long recorded response time may be reflective, not of unwanted delays, but of deliberate, strategic decisions taken as to how best to respond. Part of our response to an Immediate firearms incident might be to send units to wait nearby, while other intelligence checks and enquiries are made to assess the risk to the public and to officers. In such a scenario, we would actively be dealing with the incident, although this would not be reflected in the response time.

[See supporting document, Incident Grades and Service Standards]

2022/2023 Response Times

IMMEDIATE Response Target Call Count Within Service Level Agreement Rate
Urban 00:15:00 57,445 43,059 75.0%
Rural 00:20:00 25,466 18,478 72.6%


  Response Target Call Count Within Service Level Agreement Rate
PRIORITY 01:00:00 52,124 28,153 54.0%
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